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Caring for Ultrasuede

Care of Ultrasuede is very easy, do not confuse Microsuede with Ultrasuede, there is a considerable difference. Here are some interesting points about "Genuine Ultrasuede".
  • No animals are harmed, ultrasuede is a synthetic fabric,
  • Fabric has delivers unparalleled luxury, is easy care, soft, supple and sensuous to the touch.
  • Resists stains and discolorations
  • Machine-washable and dry-cleanable
  • Used in "shoes, hats, bags, luxury autos, yachts, airplanes, high-end jewelry display cases, pet products" and more, depending on the weight of the ultrasuede.
  • Thicker weighted ultrasuede is used in luxury car interiors and furniture
  • Ultrasuede is made in a "number of weights" to better meet the needs of its purpose. Thicker weighted Ultrasuede, for instance, is used in furniture or car upholstery to better endure everyday use. Lighter Ultrasuede is typically used for clothing so it's more comfortable to wear. Susan Lanci Designs uses upholstery grade for added strength
  • Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc.
Mild Cleaning
Chocolate * *
Coffee *  
Coke, Soft Drinks *  
Cosmetic Foundation * *
Ketchup *  
Lipstick, Face Cream * *
Liquor *  
Lotion * *
Machine Oil   *
Mayonnaise, Butter * *
Milk *  
Red Wine *  
Salad Oil * *
Steak Sauce/Soy Sauce *  
Suntan Oil * *
Tea *  

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